Real Housewives of New Jersey Season Finale Episode Recap

The editing in this episode was embarrassing! I know there was a lawsuit involved in the Posche 2 fight but cottdammit Bravo producers, can you throw a girl a bone or two? I was so lost during the whole Joe Gorga and Johnny fight. It has been widely reported that one of the main issues was swept under the wrong. Allegedly, Penny (Johnny's wife) blew the lid on Albert Manzo's cheating and she was fed all of the information by Bravo's producers. For whatever reason, the producers decided not to air any of the footage that discussed Albert and his wandering peen. Hmm...I wonder why?

So if it has been confirmed that Bravo producers told Penny about Albert's cheating, why is it so unbelievable for these Jersey heauxs to realize that the producers were probably spreading all of the "lies" about Melissa Gorga cheating on her hubby Joe? Do these simpletons really think these producers are their friends? They want the drama! Drama = more money for everybody so of course they will never think twice about throwing Melissa and her blown cooch under the bus.

It's just sad that the remedial Gorgas and Giudices don't realize that this is happening. Instead of pointing fingers at Teresa all the damn time, how about they grab their families, their dignity and their pride and exit stage left? And by exiting stage left, that means leave this reality t.v. b.s. behind. There's no amount of money in the world that will make me sell out my family on national t.v. Nope, nope, nope. Will never be me.

In the end, the whole cast is a pawn for the producers. This show has gone from light-hearted family fun to "let's burn these bishes at the stake" and then bring them together in the end for a big ol' love fest.   I threatened to stop watching the show last season but this time I mean it dammit! The cast needs to be changed, the story lines need to return to "rich heauxs spending their husband's millions" and I guarantee they will have the just the same if not MORE viewers. What the producers fail to realize is that we all have drama and b.s. in our own lives, why the eff they think we want to sit through an hour of someone else's family mess? C'mon man, stop this shyt!

Up next, the already know how this is gonna go down. Everyone will be ganging up on Teresa and she will be sitting there stuttering over all of her words while looking like a bag of money.

What did you think of the season finale of the Real Housewives of New Jersey?

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