Sep 1, 2013

Melissa Gorga Lip Synch Mishap Exposes Her True Singing Voice

They should have never gave this heaux a microphone!

Real Housewives of New Jersey's Melissa Gorga stopped by XL1067 to perform her new single "Never Let Me Go" and it was a gagglefuk of epic proportions! For one, there were commercials playing over her entire performance so imagine hearing a McDonalds advertisement while a tone deaf bish is howling in the background, yeah that's exactly what it sounded like. To make matters even worse, they must have played the wrong vocal track because there were hardly any background vocals or autotune playing. All you can hear is poor Melissa and her struggle voice trying to carry a tune. Awww, po' dat. 

Want to watch the embarrassing video? Well, here it goes!

Why fo' gawd is this chick even on a stage and holding a mic??! See, this is what's wrong with America right here. Not everyone is a singer.  Hayle, must of us can't sing worth a damn and when I say "most of us" that includes you Melissa honey. Imma need for you to cut this shyt out. Turn that fukking mic off and go home and raise your babies. This ish needs to stop right now!

What do you think about Melissa's struggle performance of "Never Let Me Go"?


  1. Sounding like she's performing at a fifth grade talent show lol