Laura Govan's Baby Daddy Charged with Illegal Possession of Fireworks

Why he so dumb?

Gilbert Arenas, the baby daddy of Basketball Wives L.A.'s Laura Govan, was pulled over on June 27th for speeding. When cops searched his car, they found over 100 pounds of fireworks. Dang, he was really trying to fukk some shyt up, huh?  Cops arrested Arenas on the spot and today he was charged with misdemeanor possession of dangerous fireworks without a permit. 

Arenas is facing up to $10,000 in fines which is a small chunk of the 22 million he brings him from his old NBA contract with the Orlando Magic.

I'm gonna need for Gilbert to get it together and stop making dumb ass decisions asap!

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  1. That's was a stupid decision as a person and even more so as a father! And, why is Laura so skinny?!!!!

  2. WTF!! Really?? First the guns, now this?? Gilbert sit your butt down somewhere, PLEASE!