Sep 17, 2013

Kroy Biermann Injured - Goodbye NFL!

Just days after celebrating his 28th birthday, Kim Zolciak's husband, Atlanta Falcon's Kroy Biermann, has suffered a season-ending football injury.  Poor Kroy suffered an achilles tear and will spend the rest of the NFL season on the sidelines.  Awww, po' thang.

While Kroy is in recovery mode, he and his wife are expecting their fifth and sixth child. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star announced she was pregnant with twins back in August and she has since been blowing money on things like two identical thousand dollar strollers. Kim better hope that Kroy can recover quickly and get his tight buns back on that field. He has six kids to feed, a brand new house to pay off and wigs to purchase!

What do you think about Kroy Biermann's NFL season ending early?


  1. In spite of Kim's craziness, I do hope Kroy will get back to playing football soon! He's a real standup guy and it's a shame he got saddled with Kim! I hope he's better soon!