Sep 8, 2013

K. Michelle & Her Fake Cheeks

I was getting my Insta-stalk on and going through K. Michelle's pictures when I came across this picture of booty shot injection hell:


WTF? Who does she think she's fooling? Are we supposed to be impressed by two Christmas hams stuck inside of her leggings?

I know that K has been asked numerous times if her buns were fake and she always denied, denied, denied! But a Dallas radio host by the name of DeDe McGuire blew her spot on Twitter on July 31st.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to enhance yourself but our culture's obsession with azz is simply out of control.  Being all natural is now a thing of the past. If you're not toting a Ralph Lauren luggage bag sized butt there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Shake your IHOP pancake azz checks with pride!

What do you think of K. Michelle's fake cheeks?


  1. I’m so NOT surprised. Her azz always looked fake and HEAVY to me. Overall, I don’t think most men really care if it’s fake or not, so more power to her and all the FAKE CHEEK CHIC.

    As for me, I’m so HAPPY with my medium ham azz. It’s the perfect size and fit for my body. LOL.

  2. So wut if its fake, somebody like it.