Aug 18, 2013

K. Michelle Gets Her Own Spin Off Show

What in the Budweiser Clydesdale hayle is going on with K. Michelle's booty in this picture? 

K. Michelle of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta performed at a show in Wilmington, Delaware last week and announced to the audience that she will be the star of her own spin off.  K claims that she will appear on the next season of Love & Hip Hop only to debut her new show entitled, "No New Friends". And somewhere, Drake is drafting his lawsuit paperwork.

There's no set date as to when the show will air and VH1 has yet to release a statement so I'm going to take this with a grain of salt. Even if K is telling the truth, I will not be watching! I am not here for a show centered around her dramatic loud mouf. 

What do you think about K. Michelle getting her own spin off show.


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