Is a Gloria & Laura Govan Spin Off Show in the Works?

As if the world needs yet another reality spin off show...

In a press release from the JasmineBrand, Basketball Wives L.A.'s Gloria "Forever a Groupie" Govan confirmed that she and her sister Laura "Forever a Fiancee" are in talks to star in their own reality t.v. show. Do.not.want!

Gloria stated, "We're working on a family show-me and my sister, Gilbert (Arenas), Matt, all of our kids-you know, my sister has got like 18 kids. So the show would be just the Govans. I mean, the Govan sisters and their husbands and their families."

Why do they think that they are important enough to be granted their own show? Sorry, but I don't want to watch a half hour of these hard-faced broads and their chitlin' color looking kids. And since when did Gilbert become Laura's husband? Maybe I missed something because last I heard, he was chopping down some Chinese news reporter.

Either way, this show will be t-r-a-s-h. I won't be watching, will you?

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