Aug 28, 2013

Gloria Govan Releases Her Cookbook: A Mixed Girl's Favorite Recipes

WTF is really going on with this cookbook? I saw it on my timeline on Instagram and just knew it had to be a joke. So I went to the official site and unfortunately, this shyt is real! A hot azz mexican soul food mess!

Basketball Wives L.A.'s Gloria Govan got together with some Italian chick named Marlena Attinasi to make a cookbook catered around African American, Mexican and Italian recipes. I mean, I can kind of see where she was going with the idea of the book but the title is throwing me all the way off. Being "mixed" can mean many things. It can mean you are "mixed" with Irish and German, it can mean you're "mixed" with Native American and Jamaican, or in Gloria's case, it can mean you are "mixed" with bird and heaux. Maybe her co-author should have suggested a name along the lines of, "A Biracial Girl's Favorite recipes" or maybe even, "Multi-Cultural recipes". But this "mixed girls" shyt is just plain ignorant. Girl, bye!

I've seen pictures of some of the finished dishes from Gloria's Instagram and all I gotta say is: if you enjoying make struggle macaroni and cheese and generic chicken enchiladas, click here to purchase Gloria's cookbook for only $19.99.  Thank me later!


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