Aug 5, 2013

Erica Dixon's New Man: The Good, The Bad, The Fugly

The good news is: Erica Dixon has tossed Lil Scrappy in the trash like a dirty overnight maxi pad. The bad news is: he looks a little fruity tooty to me. What do y'all think?

After dating Lil' Scrappy off and on for years, Erica Dixon has dipped her foot in the dating pond numerous times. One of her boyfriends turned out to be a married man (in case you forgot, read my article here) so that turned into a complete disaster. And now, Erica is in a relationship with Oshea Russell of Virginia, a self-proclaimed model and father of three small children.  My sleuth skills found out that this young tender is only 21-years-old and his eldest son is 6. Hmm... no comment.

Oshea has numerous pictures of himself and Erica cuddled up, kissing, and multiple collages that normal people don't have the time or patience to create. Oh, but I forgot to mention, looks like poor Oshea was involved in some sort of accident and was left with a broken leg. So maybe he's off from work, spending time with his kids, and making collages of Erica all day to pass the time.

From outward appearances, he looks clean cut, God-fearing and he spends a lot of time with his kids. But I always give the side eye to men who post pictures like this on social networks:

Really??? You really thought it was crucial to take a picture of yourself in pain while going through physical therapy? This right here makes youngin' look like he's desperate for ANY kind of attention. What other way could a struggling wannabe model kick start his modeling career than by pushing himself into the limelight by dating someone semi-famous?  I hope this isn't the case but I get a "I'll do anything for fame" vibe from this kid.

View more pictures of the new couple in our You Tube video montage!

So tell me, what do YOU think about Erica's new boyfriend? Do you get the same attention hungry/DL vibes that I get?


  1. Erica's got herself another hot mess!!! LOL This relationship isn't gonna last long!!

    1. You know she's just gonna end up right back with Scrappy. I don't know why she's playing with young tender's emotions like this lol. Will.not.end.well.

  2. Great video and the song is bumpin!!! Who is that rapping?!!! :)