Aug 11, 2013

Bambi & Lil Scrappy Take Their Relationship to the Club

In episode two of "Bumpin' Gums", Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Bambi and her new boo Lil' Scrappy showed up at an Atlanta night club together. I don't want to awaken that baby toof'd beast again, so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:


True love?

Man, you see, I was trying to be nice, I really was but fawk it, I can't keep it in any longer so here it goes... Is Bambi not aware that they sell clear deodorant at CVS? Why the hayle is that ish caked in her armpit? And then Lil Scrappy and that gut! The prince of the Souf should not be rocking a second trimester baby bump. Absolutely unacceptable! 

The fact that Bambi is cuddled up with this lame like she really got her a prize is funny and pitiful at the same damn time. She is too old to be this gullible. Scrappy aint about nothing, all he wants to do is smoke his weed, get arrested, perform that one hit wonder song in Atlanta night clubs, and bounce back and forth in between Erica Dixon and his bird of the month.

Anywaytho, here's a video of Scrappy and Bambi's relationship.

Do you think that this relationship will last or is Scrappy just keeping himself busy until Erica comes back into his life?


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