Aug 28, 2013

Lil Scrappy Gets Arrested for Defending His Girlfriend Bambi

That mugshot is from the last time Lil' Scrappy was arrested on a violation of his probation.  And now, not even a year later, Scrappy finds himself behind bars once again. When will big teef learn that getting locked up aint a good look for him?

According to TMZ, around 2:33 a.m. yesterday morning, Scrappy got into a fight inside of a gas station after a man disrespected his girlfriend Bambi. An off-duty police officer just happened to be in the gas station at the time and broke up the fight. When the on-duty po-po showed up, both men were arrested. Scrappy has since been released and told TMZ that the victim was the aggressor,  "He was calling my girlfriend names and then put his hands on me - I had to put them paws on him." Yes, he really did say that.

Gloria Govan Releases Her Cookbook: A Mixed Girl's Favorite Recipes

WTF is really going on with this cookbook? I saw it on my timeline on Instagram and just knew it had to be a joke. So I went to the official site and unfortunately, this shyt is real! A hot azz mexican soul food mess!

Basketball Wives L.A.'s Gloria Govan got together with some Italian chick named Marlena Attinasi to make a cookbook catered around African American, Mexican and Italian recipes. I mean, I can kind of see where she was going with the idea of the book but the title is throwing me all the way off. Being "mixed" can mean many things. It can mean you are "mixed" with Irish and German, it can mean you're "mixed" with Native American and Jamaican, or in Gloria's case, it can mean you are "mixed" with bird and heaux. Maybe her co-author should have suggested a name along the lines of, "A Biracial Girl's Favorite recipes" or maybe even, "Multi-Cultural recipes". But this "mixed girls" shyt is just plain ignorant. Girl, bye!

I've seen pictures of some of the finished dishes from Gloria's Instagram and all I gotta say is: if you enjoying make struggle macaroni and cheese and generic chicken enchiladas, click here to purchase Gloria's cookbook for only $19.99.  Thank me later!

Aug 27, 2013

Teresa & Juicy Joe Flip Out Over $5

Queen Teresa Giudice and her hubby Juicy Joe are really starting to disappoint me. They STAY in some mess it seems, and they are always in the center of a clusterfukk of drama. After this incident that was reported by TMZ, I'm going to need for these two to sit their azzes down somewhere until ALL of their federal charges have been cleared.

So anywaytho, the Giudices and a few of their friends and family members went to a New Jersey beach but decided they didn't need/want to pay the $5 per person beach entry fee. Yeah, the same fee that EVERYONE ELSE on the beach had to pay in order to relax by the shore. So Tre is chillin with her fam when a beach employee walks up and notices that none of the Giudice clan had a beach-issued wristband on (yeah, the wristband you get when you actually pay to the enter the beach). So the poor beach worker, not knowing she is dealing with two reality t.v. stars that clearly have their heads shoved up their azzes, asked the Giudices to pay the fee and that's when the Italian storm rolled through!

Aug 25, 2013

Is a Gloria & Laura Govan Spin Off Show in the Works?

As if the world needs yet another reality spin off show...

In a press release from the JasmineBrand, Basketball Wives L.A.'s Gloria "Forever a Groupie" Govan confirmed that she and her sister Laura "Forever a Fiancee" are in talks to star in their own reality t.v. show. Do.not.want!

Gloria stated, "We're working on a family show-me and my sister, Gilbert (Arenas), Matt, all of our kids-you know, my sister has got like 18 kids. So the show would be just the Govans. I mean, the Govan sisters and their husbands and their families."

Why do they think that they are important enough to be granted their own show? Sorry, but I don't want to watch a half hour of these hard-faced broads and their chitlin' color looking kids. And since when did Gilbert become Laura's husband? Maybe I missed something because last I heard, he was chopping down some Chinese news reporter.

Either way, this show will be t-r-a-s-h. I won't be watching, will you?

Aug 22, 2013

Rasheeda & Kirk Welcome Baby Boy Karter

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Rasheeda and her husband Kirk have welcomed their baby boy Karter into the world. Karter was born August 21st and Rasheed took to her Instagram to share the news:

Aug 19, 2013

Kim Zolciak is Pregnant with Twins

Remember when Kim Zolciak announced she was pregnant with baby number 5 back in June? Well,  Kim just revealed to E! News that she and her husband Kroy Biermann are expecting twins! I can't even hate at this point because I'm too busy dying laughing.  Kim is trying to secure those child support checks and that simp Kroy is right there with the ammunition cocked (no pun) and loaded.   Kim will be pulling out every strand of her lace front wig when she has four children all under the age of four. I'm expecting massive amounts of clusterfukeration in her new spin off (you know it's already in the works). Bring on the madness.!

Kim's uterus and vag have got to be crying out for mercy at this point. Enough is enough Kim. Time to tie them tubes in a butterfly knot! I hope Kroy has a backup plan in line because we all know the NFL stands for "not for life".  That measly 2.5 million dollar salary will not stretch very long with six kids and Kim's champagne taste.

I'm gonna pray that the children are born happy and healthy since you know Kim likes to get her smoke on while being pregnant smh.

What do you think about Kim expecting twins?

Aug 18, 2013

It Looks Like the Gorgas and Giudices Have Made Up...for Now

These kids look too grown for their own good!

Last Thursday, Real Housewives of New Jersey's Melissa Gorga celebrtated her daughter Antonia's birthday and there were two special guests included in the celebration: Teresa Giudice's daughters Milania and Gabriella!

K. Michelle Gets Her Own Spin Off Show

What in the Budweiser Clydesdale hayle is going on with K. Michelle's booty in this picture? 

K. Michelle of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta performed at a show in Wilmington, Delaware last week and announced to the audience that she will be the star of her own spin off.  K claims that she will appear on the next season of Love & Hip Hop only to debut her new show entitled, "No New Friends". And somewhere, Drake is drafting his lawsuit paperwork.

There's no set date as to when the show will air and VH1 has yet to release a statement so I'm going to take this with a grain of salt. Even if K is telling the truth, I will not be watching! I am not here for a show centered around her dramatic loud mouf. 

What do you think about K. Michelle getting her own spin off show.

Aug 13, 2013

Erica Dixon's Boyfriend's New Twist to the Lord's Prayer

If you're not following Erica Dixon's boyfriend on Instagram you are missing out on some delicious fukkery! This young thang is so full of himself it's amazing. He manages to post pictures of himself shirtless about 20 times a week, plus his normal collages of himself and Erica, plus his #tbt's of his blurry modeling photos (let it go, boo). I'm gonna need for someone to give this kid a Fiji bottle of water because his thirst is extraordinary.

Oshea Russell, the 21-year-old father of three, is a child of God and he's not ashamed to display his faith online. But this right here, smh, this ish right here took his pathetic weak azz to a whole 'notha level!

Aug 11, 2013

Rasheeda's Baby Shower Pictures

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Rasheeda Buckner is expecting a baby any day now with her husband Kirk Frost. This weekend, Rasheeda had a baby shower for her son, Karter, and all of her friends and family turned up for the festivies.

One thing I want to point out, Kirk looks PISSED in the above photo. I mean damn, can he at least look like he wants to be their with his wife on this special day? I know he wanted Rasheeda to abort the baby but clearly that isn't happening. He should just suck it up, put a smile on his ugly azz face and stand by his wife's side! 

This is Rasheeda's second child and Kirk's fifth. More pictures of the baby shower and the guest after the jump!

Bambi & Lil Scrappy Take Their Relationship to the Club

In episode two of "Bumpin' Gums", Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Bambi and her new boo Lil' Scrappy showed up at an Atlanta night club together. I don't want to awaken that baby toof'd beast again, so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:

Someone Made a Struggle Cake for Erica Dixon and Her New Boyfriend

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Erica Dixon is enjoying her new relationship with 21-year-old model and father of three, Oshea Russell. I was getting my normal Insta-stalking on when I found the most hilarious picture of some dry azz struggle cake that someone had no business making.

Aug 7, 2013

Tamra Barney Gets Married for the Third Time - Bravo TV Sneak Peek Video

Real Housewives of Orange County's Tamra Barney is getting married for the third time and Bravo TV viewers will get to see all of the behind the scenes action leading up to her third nuptials. 

I took a look at the previews and to be honest, it was two minutes of complete bore-fest. Tamra cries (as usual) someone calls her out on her past divorces (and she cries again), Eddie is bossing her around and acting like her ex-husband Simon, and in the end she goes through with it all and becomes Mrs. Eddie Judge. Smh, I really hope it works out for Tamra this time around but Eddie gives me tooty fruity and controlling vibes. 

Take a look at the video and let me know what you think!

Will you be watching Tamra's wedding spin off?
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Aug 5, 2013

Erica Dixon's New Man: The Good, The Bad, The Fugly

The good news is: Erica Dixon has tossed Lil Scrappy in the trash like a dirty overnight maxi pad. The bad news is: he looks a little fruity tooty to me. What do y'all think?

After dating Lil' Scrappy off and on for years, Erica Dixon has dipped her foot in the dating pond numerous times. One of her boyfriends turned out to be a married man (in case you forgot, read my article here) so that turned into a complete disaster. And now, Erica is in a relationship with Oshea Russell of Virginia, a self-proclaimed model and father of three small children.  My sleuth skills found out that this young tender is only 21-years-old and his eldest son is 6. Hmm... no comment.

Aug 4, 2013

This Week in Reality T.V. Pictures July 29th - August 4th, 2013

Enjoy these pictures from your favorite reality t.v. stars!

August 3rd - Well lookie here, it looks like Basketball Wives L.A.'s Malaysia Pargo and her husband Jannero are still together and happy according to this picture she posted on her Instagram. Although her ring is still missing, hopefully the couple are working out their issues. Prove me wrong, Malaysia! 

July 29th - Basketball Wives Miami's Evelyn Lozada enjoys her day in a bright yellow dress.

August 3rd - Keyshia Cole shares an adorable picture of herself and her son little Daniel Jr.

Bambi & Lil Scrappy's Relationship is Heating Up Again *UPDATE* Bambi Leaves a Special Message for Me on Twitter

Remember last October when I put Bambi and Lil Scrappy's relationship on blast? If not, catch up on your blog reading, honey. Go back and read this post about Bambi and Scrappy cupcaking in a night club. Before I posted that story on Real Reality Gossip, I put on my big girl panties and asked Bambi what was going down between her and Scrappy. Here was her not so shocking reply:

Aug 3, 2013

Indictment? What Indictment? Teresa Giudice Vacationing in the Hamptons with Dina Manzo.

Teresa ain't got no worries!

This is how you live it up and give the middle finger to the Feds! Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Giudice is currently enjoying the beach in the Hamptons with her family and she even made some time to hang out with her best friend ex-RHONJ star Dina Manzo.

Last week, Teresa and her husband Juicy Joe were indicted on 39 counts of mail fraud, wire fraud and tax evasion.  Four days after her and her hubby's passports were confiscated, they are now in the Hamptons celebrating their niece's birthday #sheaintgotnoworries.

I don't know what I would do if I were in Tre's position but if I knew I was facing years in Federal prison, I would probably lay low for a while, do some knitting at home, start mapping out my master plan, and cry into my pillow every chance I got. I admire Teresa's strength and her ability to consistently smile no matter what is going on in her life. I couldn't do it, man.

Here's more pictures of Teresa enjoying her trip:

Aug 1, 2013

Basketball Wives Miami Season 5 Sneak Peek Video

No Jennifer Williams? No Royce Reed? Who is this new chick?

Basketball Wives Miami will be returning to our t.v. screens on August 19th and there has been a few shake ups to the cast and one new face. It looks like Jennifer and Royce received their pink slips which sucks. They were the only two people that I could semi-tolerate. I'm going to miss Jen's laid hair and cute maxi dresses *wipes tears*

Shaunie O'neal, Evelyn"Forever a Groupie" Lozada, Tami Roman, and Suzie Ketcham will all be returning. The producers have also added Tasha Marbury, wife of ex-NBA player Stephon Marbury to the roster. Okay, so I'm gonna give the show one point for actually putting a real wife on the cast but I'm gonna go right back and deduct that same point because Stephon is a known cheater and Tasha has no business staying married to him (click here to see the lawsuit he got slapped with).

You already know Evelyn will be slanging snot over her failed marriage to Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson and I'm guessing Ev' most likely slept with Tasha's husband too? I mean, she allegedly got down with Shaq and Tami's ex-husband so I don't put anything past her!

Here's the sneak peek: