Jul 29, 2013

Keyshia Cole's Husband Arrested!

This is what happens when dating a hood bird goes terribly wrong!

Keyshia Cole's husband, Daniel "Boobie" Gibson was arrested in New Orleans today for battery. TMZ reports that 27-year-old Boobie got crunk on a man who "disrespected" his wife during her performance. You know that saying "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me"? Well, that doesn't apply to Boobie because whatever the alleged victim said to Keyshia was so bad that it warranted an epic beat down! 

The incident allegedly took place a month ago but Boobie barely turned himself in today. He was charged with 2nd degree battery and he is currently out on bond. As soon as his mugshot is released I will post it for y'all cuz you already know Boobie bout to be looking sexy as hayle in that picture! *Licks lips*

Keyshia and Daniel were married back in 2011 and the couple have one son together. Their rocky relationship has been chronicled on their reality show "Keyshia & Daniel: Family First". Rumors about the couple were headed towards divorce have been swirling since late last year but it looks like they have gotten past the bumps in their relationship. Hopefully they get over this latest episode without any scratches (no pun).

What do you think about Daniel "Boobie" Gibson getting arrested at the Essence Music Festival?


  1. Marriages and relationships go through ups and down. At least he's not letting any one disrespect his Lady! I give him props for that. Wishing them the best!

    1. I agree but you can't commence to beat down everyone who talks sideways to your partner. I guess Boobie had to find that out the hard way!