Jul 20, 2013

K. Michelle's Boyfriend is Expecting a Baby With His Ex?

Dang, dawg. K. Michelle stay losing in the love department. After being tossed in the trash like a pair of dirty period panties by her ex-boyfriend NBA player  J.R. Smith, K's new man of the month is allegedly expecting a child with his ex-girlfriend/baby mama. Oh and get this, he plays in the NBA too! Maybe K needs to test out the meat in a different league? This NBA peen aint being too kind to her.

According to an anonymous letter written to Bossip, K's new boo (Indiana Pacers' Lance Stephenson) is still getting it in with the mother of his two-year-old daughter and to make matters worse, he knocked her up yet again!

Here's a snippet of the letter:
Dear Bossip,
For the past three years my closest friend has been in an on and off again relationship with her "NBA" daughter's father. Recently, I thought things were getting better between them being that I seen them together at her home in New York, but then she tells me K. Michelle has been calling his phone while he was spending time wither and their two year old daughter...My friend has been telling me what's been going on and how he left his daughter on the 4th of July to take K. Michelle on a date which I personally think broke her heart only because I truly believe she is pregnant...I never liked this dude so I am not surprised from any of this because he did something similar during her last pregnancy. She was four months pregnant when he was arrested for beating on his first child's mother but I guess she didn't learn he was no good then and took him back...From what I see he doesn't help her take care of their two year old daughter or his four year old that he has with another female...How can I help her through these rough times?

Now, either someone has too much time on their hands to be writing this fanfiction or K. Michelle has got herself into another jacked up situation!

What do you think about K.Michelle's boyfriend allegedly expecting a baby with his ex?


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