Jun 1, 2013

Queen Tre & Her Minions Are Back!

It's going down this Sunday at 8pm!

Queen Teresa Giudice of Paterson and the rest of them heaux will be back to add a little bit of drama to Bravo TV.  Season 4 ended with Teresa's relationship being in the toilet with her bother Joe and his wife Melissa. Teresa was also beefing with Jacquline Laurita and Caroline Manzo (why the hell is she still on the show? Someone explain this to me.) Tre's only ally seemed to be her wonky-eyed cousin (I can't even remember this broad's name right now, that's how much of a non-factor she is.)

At the end of last season, Bravo TV and Andy Cohen got a lot of backlash after the entire cast pretty much ganged up on Teresa in every episode. It looks like this season will be different. Tre will have some behind the scenes ride or die chicks to back her up and supposedly Caroline extended an olive branch to rekindle their friendship (don't fall for it, Tre!)

I'm excited for the new season! This is one of my guilty pleasures and  I love seeing Tre slay it with her hair/makeup/outfits/fit body. I can do without all of that drama though so hopefully this season will be lighter, more fun, and less stressful for the cast and the viewers!

Will you be watching this season premier of the Real Housewives of New Jersey?


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