Jun 5, 2013

Kim Zolciak - Pregnant with Baby #5

That's right people, Kim Zolciak's 35-year-old uterus has been implanted with another seed as the mother of four is now expecting her fifth child. This will be Kim's third child with her husband of 3 years, Kroy Biermann.  Kim has expressed her desire to have more children and Kroy was right there willing and able to knock her up! Her nannies are gonna be busy busy busy!

Kim is definitely cementing those future child support checks. Anybody out there who disagrees with me, you have to remember this is the same woman that got pregnant by Kroy after only dating him for three months. Like come on, a woman of her seasoned age knows how to NOT get pregnant! She knew what she was doing!

Either way, Kroy has those NFL checks coming in for now so I'm sure they have no problems supporting their growing family but you know his parents are somewhere shaking their damn heads.

What do you think about Kim Zolciak being pregnant with her fifth child? 


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