Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode Recap: Booty Battle & An Engagement!

Ok, so where did we leave off? Oh yeah, that crazy lady Kenya Moore is trying to get away from her equally crazy faux ex-boyfriend Walter Jackson at Kandi Burruss' housewarming party. Kenya is able to escape without bumping into Walter and his "date" Temecia (po' lil thangs mugshot was blasted all over the web after she made her reality t.v. debut last week). Come to find out, Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida knew Walter was going to show up to the party but they made a point not to tell anyone so that Kenya could be caught off guard. Smh. Cynthia Bailey doesn't think that the rest of the cast has to tip toe around Kenya's situation but wait, isn't Kenya a part of the cast? This is the Real HouseWIVES, right? So why are they catering to Walter's bishazz? He's irrelevant at this point and I wish they would stop giving him camera time.

Nene Leakes and Greg and celebrating with water in martini glasses. What exactly are they celebrating? I have no idea. They are trying to decide where their son Brent will go to school. Nene thinks that Brent needs to be in school in Georgia, not in L.A. and she thinks Greg needs to move back to Georgia with him. Greg doesn't like that idea too much. But good thing Nene was just toying with his emotions because she doesn't want to live without Greg either. Awww. Greg then asks Nene if she wants a wedding and she says "maybe".

Cynthia shows up to Bar One to meet up with Miss Lawrence and Kenya. They start discussing Kandi's housewarming party (Miss Lawrence wasn't invited. Did they have a falling out?). Kenya tells Lawrence how uncomfortable it is for Walter to be showing up to events. Cynthia says she always goes to events and there are people there who she doesn't want to be in the same room with but she deals with it. I see where Cynthia is coming from but Kenya's "friends" are going out of their way to invite Walter to parties as if they had some deep bond with him to begin with. It's just unnecessary for him to even be there. Cynthia says Kenya needs to get over Walter before she hooks her up with someone else. Now that sounds like one of the dumbest ideas ever. The last thing crazy Kenya needs is to jump into another fauxlationship.

Porsha Stewart goes to her therapist office to talk about her pregnancy troubles. She tells her doctor about the miscarriage she had when she was four months pregnant. Her daddy/husband Kordell didn't confront her after her miscarriage and it really effected her and still does. She wants to get pregnant again but she's scared and doesn't want to feel alone in the process. She thinks it would be a good idea to have Kordell sit in on one of her therapy sessions so he can understand how she feels. Hmm...something tells me this will not end well for Porsha!

Kandi is wearing the tightest dress known to man. Someone should have told her that bodycon dresses were not made for everyone. Anywaydoe, she walks into her Bedroom Kandi party and there's a bunch of ladies who are a part of her sales team there to greet her. These ladies are getting crunk for Kandi and her toys! One lady even told Kandi "I'm going to make you millions".  Aww, how sweet of her *rolls eyes*. Kandi is presented with an ABN award for the best sex toy of 2012. She gets on the mic and starts crying tears of lube. I don't even know why she was getting so emotional. It was such an awkward speech.

Cynthia and Nene go to a wine tasting and Nene starts talking about her acting career and Cynthia flips the conversation to Nene's relationship with her ex-husband Greg. Nene says she is very happy when she is around Greg because he is her best friend and she has always felt like they were soul mates. Awwww! I can't wait for their second wedding.

Kandi and her fiance Todd are laying in bed talking about Kandi's mom and how she has been acting different. Apparently, Ms. Joyce wants to live in Kandi's guesthouse but Todd isn't feeling it. Todd thinks they're too fresh into the relationship to have Ms. Joyce living on their property. Wait, isn't the relationship a little too fresh for them to be co-habitating too? Then, Kandi asks Todd what he thinks about them getting a surrogate and he is all for it lol they even give each other a big ol' high five. Then Kandi drops the "prenup" bomb on him and again, they're on the same page. Looks like a match made in heaven.

Kenya and Phaedra are filming their DVD's at the same dang time. Phaedra makes another remark about Kenya having a Home Depot body but I'll take that build-a-body over having Phaedra's mini-van body shape any day. Miss Lawrence is working on Kenya's hair and he makes a comment about Phaedra needing to invest in some lipo. Dang dawg. Phaedra doesn't look that bad but seriously though, a work out video should not have been on her "to-do" list. The cameras start rolling and the battle of the booties is in full force. This looking like an unfair competition though. It's like putting a pre-schooler in a boxing ring with a grown man. Unfair and unjust! Phaedra is a fool for even wasting time and money producing this video. She can't even make it through the video shoot because her chubby buns are out of shape!

Nene and Greg go out to dinner and Nene is looking fab in her Herve Leger dress. Werk honey! Greg tells Nene he failed to appreciate what he really had and he wants to get his family back together. The waiter then steps in and changes the center piece on the table and then Greg asks Nene to marry him again! And as we all know, Nene says "YES!"

What did you think of this week's episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta?

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