Mama Dee & Mama Jones - BFF's!

If this ain't the cutest little friendship my eyes I have ever seen!

Ex-Love & Hip Hop New York's Mama Jones (mother of rapper Jim Jones) and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Mama Dee (mother of rapper Lil' Scrappy) have become instant friends after meeting each other in mid-2012.

The new bff's have been hitting up appearances together and even had a slumber party one night. Man, I would have loved to be a fly on the wall of that gathering. I'm guessing the conversation consisted of talks about weed, Henny, old man peen and ratchet gutter-butt hip hop music...and in that order!

More pics of the twosome after the jump!

Can someone please pitch a reality series starring Mama Dee and Mama Jones? I'm envisioning a dating type show with old ass men vying for the grannies' love and affection. Let's get it crackin' and make it happen VH1!

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  1. I just don't know what to say...(sighing) Okay (sighing again) when I first saw the very first picture above of the both of them seated together what came to mind were these exact words: "Look at them two---TROUBLE!"

    Jones' looking all sweet and innocent with her head resting on Dee's shoulder---these two are firecrackers waiting to pop off and ya'll know I'm telling the truth! SMH Grown a$$ women with anger management problems. I'm sorry, but the second picture with Dee in the leather---she looks manish and trannyish, I'm just keeping it real and saying what everybody is thinking. I guess in the pajama picture, they were showing whose a$$ were the biggest. In any case (sighing heaviliy) SMH

    Okay, I do agree with you---a reality show needs to be started up with those two because they are a R.I.O.T. Just make sure you get credit for it if they produce it using your idea. Hey---I'd watch it! LOL