Mar 9, 2013

Joe Budden Parties in Las Vegas with Mimi Faust's BFF

Back in the beginning of February, I made this post  about Joe Budden spending some time (and holding hands) with Mimi Faust's best friend, Ariane. And now, it looks like the twosome are taking their budding new romance across state lines as they recently popped up in Las Vegas, Nevada together.

The Love & Hip Hop stars have been keeping their relationship on the low but you know how Joe loves to get messy on Instagram so he has no problems with posting pictures of him and his new lady together. It looks like things with Joe and his ex-girlfriend Kaylin Garcia are officially donezo since he hasn't posted a picture or referenced her in a tweet since February 5th. Kaylin is clearly in denial because this desperate bird just posted this picture of her, Joe and her new teeth on March 7th.

Look at that smirk. Joe knows he's playing her! This won't end well for poor Kaylin.

What do you think about Joe Budden dating Ariane?


  1. What do I think about Joe Budden dating Ariane? Hmmph! (deep sigh) I THOUGHT Ariane was the only one on the show with some d@mn sense! Seriously! Until now. SMH Chile, why do you want to be apart of the venereal disease cesspool? Definition of cesspool: an underground pit or tank for liquid waste (as household sewage). Hey, I didn't make that up!

    (exasperated) I don't have anything else to say, all I can do is sigh...SMH Okay, one last thing---now she has to deal with his crackish ways. SMH I thought she was smarter than this. D@mn! Money make people do crazy shyt!