Mar 23, 2013

Joe Budden & Kaylin's Relationship Still Going Strong...For Now

I know I wasn't the only one who thought Joe Budden had tossed Kaylin Garcia to the trash! 

Instagram and Twitter don't lie but in this case, I was completely off the mark about the relationship between Joe and his tenderoni Kaylin. I recently posted this blog post about Kaylin showing her shark-like teef on national t.v. and Joe immediately stopped posting pictures of her on his Instagram. Within a few weeks, he was as thick as thieves with Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Ariane all snuggled up and holding hands and what not. So I assumed that he had found love in a hopeless place with Ms. Ariane and the twosome were now an item. But, just as quickly as the weather changes, Joe has bounced his peen back to Kaylin who was surely waiting with arms wide open smh. Where the hell Tahiry at? 

Joe and Kaylin recently took a trip to Miami (Kaylin's hometown) and documented their trip on Instagram for nosey followers (like myself) to scratch their heads and wonder "what the hayle happened to Ariane?" Anywaydoe, here's some of the more g-rated pics:

Kaylin, Joe, and Kaylin's mother.

Ariane weeps.

In other news, the ratings for Love & Hip Hop Ny have been in the toilet and the series finale only pulled in 1.5 million viewers. I guess I wasn't the only one who was boycotting that garbage!

What do you think about Joe and Kaylin's relationship?


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