Mar 30, 2013

Jim Bellino Still Wants His Wife Alexis to Quit Real Housewives of Orange County

Real Housewives of Orange County's Jim Bellino is the O.G. Kordell Stewart. Jim made it known from the jump that he wanted his wife Alexis to be a caretaker and stay at home mom and what happened when she joined the cast? She immediately started working outside of the home as a news correspondent and fashion designer...and Jim ain't happy about it at all!

The only difference between Jim and Kordell is that I have so much respect for Jim. He is one of those no nonsense machismo kind of men that tells it like it is! Big daddy Jim don't play no games and doesn't have time for all the riff raff and drama that the OC Housewives be serving. He's so damn sexy to me too *don't judge me*

Jim has always voiced his disgust for the series and he even refused to appear on camera last season. In case you forgot, Alexis quit the show last year (probably because Jim asked her to) but came running back when the producers begged her. Wetpaint Entertainment asked Jim if he wanted his wife on the show and he replied,

"I don't. I don't want her to do it anymore. I absolutely do not want her on the show. But Real Housewives of Orange County Alexis Bellino will do what she wants to do." Jim has made it clear that he wants to have nothing to do with the show and still refuses to be filmed. 

Alexis, word of advice honey booboo: go read my list of all of the Housewives' marriages that have ended in divorce and then tell me, is the show really worth it to you? 

Something tells me that if these two didn't have a buttload of kids, the marriage would have been over by now.

What do you think about Alexis remaining on the show even though her husband is against it?


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