Mar 21, 2013

Caroline Manzo Admits Her Husband Albert Cheats on Her

How much you wanna bet Teresa someone put Caroline's marriage on blast during filming so she's now decided to spill her own tea to save face?

Real Housewives of New Jersey's Caroline Manzo has been prompting her flop of a book "Let Me Tell You Something" and she sat down with the NY Daily News while on her promo tour. She avoided all questions pertaining to her sister Dina being separated from her husband Tommy but she was pretty candid about her own marriage. Caroline said, "I know the man I married. He's a good man, but he's a man. I don't believe there were any long-term affairs. If that were the case, this story would end differently." 

What in the Italian ride-or-die stand by your man type of shizz is this? So essentially, Caroline is saying she's aware of her husband's past affairs but as long as they weren't long-term relationships then she's okay with it. Smh. What a hot ass Jersey mess.

But hey, if it works for her....

What do you think about Caroline being okay with her husband's past infidelities?


  1. caroline should go have her own affairs