Feb 2, 2013

Real Housewives of New Jersey's Dina Manzo Has Separated from Her Husband

Awww, man! I really really love ex-Real Housewives of New Jersey's star Dina Manzo. She is probably one of my most favorite real housewife of all time so I shed a small tear when I heard the news that she and her husband Tommy Manzo have been separated...since October of 2012!

Dina announced her separation via Twitter on Friday night. Read more to see the tweets!

If you remember, Tommy is the brother of Dina's sister Caroline's husband Albert (dang, that was a mouf full!). Tommy was never a part of the series because allegedly Dina wanted to keep their marriage private.  Rumors were swirling that Tommy was cheating on poor Dina and Dina herself even confirmed that he was getting it in with other women prior to them getting married.

As of now, no one knows the exact reason for the separation but I wonder if this will bring her closer to her sister Caroline? I'm sure Dina needs a little bit of support, girl talk and wine during this difficult time.

Keep your head up Dina, your next millionaire is right around the corner!


  1. I love Dina too, can't wait to see her on next season.