Feb 2, 2013

Melissa Gorga's Ex-Boyfriend Puts Her on Blast!

Those of you who said the tide would turn on Melissa Gorga during the upcoming season of Real Housewives of New Jersey were right! The ish is about to hit the fan and I got my six piece honey bar-b-que wings and Pinot Grigio on deck!

Melissa's ex-boyfriend Bryan "Bulldog" is allegedly making a guest appearance on the next season of the show and his 15 minutes of fame includes a phone call that will rock Melissa's world! Who's on the other end of the line? Is it a New Jersey pimp? Danielle Staub? One of Melissa's alleged ex-girlfriends? I need answers!

According to Radar Online, Bryan has managed to Jersey turnpike his way onto the show and is bringing massive amounts of drama! Until the show airs, we will have to sip the tea from Bryan's Twitter where he has been going AWF (not off, but AWF) on Melissa. Oh yeah, he is suffering from a brain tumor (Melissa and her sisters think the tumor has made him mentally unstable) and he calls her a "little hamster" which makes me L-O-L.

Here's a few of his most memorable tweets:

Running people over with cars? Hiding in bushes? Gold digging? Awww sookie sookie now! This gon be good!

What do you think about Bryan talking mess about Melissa on Twitter?