Feb 6, 2013

Mandeecees' Victim Takes the Stand During His Trial

Yandy Smith's baby daddy Mandeecees Harris is on trial for sexual assault charges and his now 19-year-old accuser took the stand today to testify against him.

I'll give y'all the short and PG-13 version of the victim's testimony....Mandeecees was dating the girls mother when he began to coerce her into giving him oral sex. Mandeecees would tell her that she did it better than her mother *barf* and he would also give her $15 to $20 each time. When her brothers would ask Mandeecees for money, he would tell them "go ask your sister, she knows what she has to do". Oh yeah, the girl was only fifteen at the time! Her mother went through her cell phone and found out about the abuse and instead of kicking Mandeecees out, her mother kicked her own daughter out of the house instead! If that ain't some azz backwards dikmatized mess! Mandeecees and the mother eventually broke up and the victim felt bad because she felt like it was all her fault smh.

And this (alleged) child predator is still being shown on VH1? Somebody start a petition to get this trash bag show cancelled please!

You can read the full article here.


  1. This story completely DISGUSTS me...VH1 what the "F" are you all waiting on??? Take him off the show (that I don’t watch by the way) and cut ALL of his scenes!!! Why would you all continue to promote someone this??? UGH!!! UGH!!! And Yandy, REALLY???!!!

  2. I definitely think a petition should be started!! I would sign to get him off and if Yandy has to go too, so be it! He's a pervert, a child molester and shouldn't be making money from a Reality Show!

  3. Hang in there mandeecee ! God will. C u threw this love u and yandy always