Mandeecees Harris Found Not Guilty in Child Sex Abuse Trial

Jurors in Hackensack, New Jersey found VH1's Mandeecees Harris not guilty of sexually assaulting his ex-girlfriend's daughter.  Allegedly, there were inconsistencies in the victim's story and there just wasn't enough evidence to convict Yandy's baby daddy.

But Manfeces troubles are far from over, after being found not guilty, his azz was taken back to Bergen County Jail where federal marshals have him detained for drug charges.  Looks like this man is determined to stay in trouble with the law. Since he got to walk on the sex assault charges, I'm pretty sure he will get caught up with these new drug charges.  He's just bound to serve some hardcore jail time!

What do you think of Mandeecees being acquitted of sexual assualt charges?

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