Feb 2, 2013

Chad Johnson Sued by Coconut Water Company for Tarnishing Their Image!

I used to say that Chad Johnson was having the worst week/month/year ever but I think I need to add the worst century to that statement. Things are getting worse and worse for the former NFL player after he lost his wife, his job, and numerous endorsement deals. And now, the head butting unemployed Louboutin Don is getting sued by a coconut water company!

Zico Beverages, LLC hired Chad as their spokesperson one month before he head butted his ex-wife, Basketball Wives Miami's star Evelyn Lozada. Following his arrest for domestic violence, the company believed that Chad tarnished their reputation. Hold up, wait a minute. Did they think that Chad had a squeaky clean image prior to the head butt incident? Come on, man! They should have known what they were getting themselves into!

The company goes on to say that Chad's contract required him to act in a way that would not bring negative light to the company and his arrest just f*cked everythang all the way up! The company is seeking a measly $40,886.76 in damages.  Good luck recouping that money cuz Chad ain't got no job man! *Tommy from Martin voice*

Do you think Chad should have to pay the coconut water company for tarnishing their image?


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