Yandy's Baby Daddy Faces Sexual Assault Charges

Mandeecees Harris, the baby daddy to Love & Hip Hop New York's star Yandy Smith, faces sexual assault charges for allegedly inappropriately touching and getting his knob slobbed by his ex-girlfriend's 15-year-old daughter. He is currently out on bail, making babies with Yandy, and collecting a hefty check from VH1.  

The alleged sexual assault happened on various occasions between September 2009 and April 2010. Mandeecees, age 34, was arrested at the end of 2010 and charged with aggravated sexual assault, criminal sexual contact and child endangerment. Jury selection for the trail began on Wednesday and the attorneys are scheduled to make their opening remarks January 29th. If he is convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison.

I really didn't want to believe that this story was true and I questioned whether or not I should post it on my blog. After deep thought, I know that my job is to report the news to y'all regardless of how it makes me feel. 

On that note...this right here is shameful and absolutely disgusting. Yandy girl, wtf are you doing get knocked up by this man? Love is blind and all but cottdamn, is it that hard in the streets of Harlem to find a decent man that doesn't have a rap sheet and isn't facing these types of charges? I think that VH1 and Mona Scott-Young should be slapped in the face for allowing this man to collect a check on Love & Hip Hop. This might possibly be a new low in the quest for entertainment and I might have to boycott this show in its entirety (not the Atlanta series though, those are my boos!). I don't care if you are presumed innocent until proven guilty, I refuse to support a show that thinks it is okay to highlight a man who is facing these types of allegations. Nope, not I. Not today.

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  1. I agree with you 100%, that is totally disgusting!

  2. OMG!!! So freakn’ disgusting

    1. I'm disgusted by him, Yandy, and VH1 for this mess.

    2. not tryna be funny but where was this little girl mother when she was slobbing on his knob... REAL TALK.!

    3. Who even knows....this is too sad all around.

  3. This is more than just disgusting and borders on depravity, when realizing that no-man-feces resided with the girl for years and she 'prolly viewed him as a father figure; being that he IS HER BROTHER'S DAD! I used to think Yandy was a savvy sister...what a wake up call-she's just another chicken-head, after all. What rational female would continue to associate with a child predator after the charges came to light? And to then CHOOSE to procreate with him? Girl please, he don't want you...he's got 'short-eyes'and desires to abuse children. I also think its suspect that she chose to deny all of the rumors of her pregnancy even beyond the point that it was patently obvious to all that she was definitely with child. I feel that it shows a consciousness of guilt, that she had full knowledge that no-man-feces had been charged with this deplorable act. Mona is equally duplicitous as she too was well aware of no-man-feces' charges well before she decided to recast for this season and chose to include him. I'm appalled by all of their actions. Someone should launch a protest against Mona and this show. They are all a bunch of disgusting degenerates and I'm sure Chrissy is glad to be rid of all of them.

  4. I was feeling one way when I read this article and these comments and I still feel the same way. But, before I commented I wanted to do some research on this accusation since this article is over a year old. Here's what I have to say. What happened with "innocent until proven guilty?" You guys condemned this man already before he was even tried and that's ashame! Now, when I first read this article I was thinking that this was some bogish shyt, the accusation. Maybe I feel this way because I personally know someone who had to go through the EXACT same thing, trial and all and was also proven NOT GUILTY. Why are we so quick to condemn a brotha? Does anyone ever stop and think that just maybe the accuser is being malicious for selfish reasons? Perhaps this young girl wanted him out of she and her mother's life for good because she just didn't like the way he was treating her mother, who knows. What we do know NOW is that this man was found NOT GUILTY in less than an hour of deliberation by a jury who clearly ascertained the truth from the lies. And please, Yandy is a smart woman, don't you think if she had one inkling that her child's father was a child molester that she would have stayed with him. Hell to the NO! Give her some credit. She stuck by her man because she believed in him and knew he was not a monster.

    Now I have one more thing to say, young girls and women STOP creating these malicious lies because if and when it ever does happen that you are sexually assaulted, no one is going to believe you! We have so many innocent brothas in jail right now for crimes they absolutely did not do! STOP with all this mess!