Jan 1, 2013

"Totally TBoz" Episode One Recap

I love me some reality t.v. but after watching "Totally Tboz" on TLC I have to say, some celebrities should stay far away from television. Does anyone remember the pre-internet days when we didn't know anything about our favorite celeb's personal life? There was a mystique and mystery surrounding all of the biggest stars and now, with the popularity of reality t.v. and social media, that cloud of mystique is removed and you see these celebs for what they really are: annoying hot azz messeses! Yes, I said messeses! Within the first two minutes of this show, I was already annoyed by Tionne "Tboz" Watkins' irritating voice and her over the top personality. Was she always like this, or is she putting on for the cameras? TLC really could have kept this show, I am not here for TBoz and her ploy to get some attention. But anywaytho, on to the recap...

Tboz has moved from Atlanta to Los Angeles to kick start her solo career and so that her daughter Chance can be closer to her father, rapper Mac 10. It's also the 20th anniversary (dang, has it been that long?!) of TLC and they are planning on re-recording their songs, filming a biopic and going on tour. But Tboz is worried about her own career and on top of that, she has a host of health problems that she is dealing with. She has had sickle cell anemia since birth and she suffered from a brain tumor. Damn, poor T.

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Tboz meets up with her best friend who is some fan she met off the streets named Tara. This chick is just as nutty as Tboz which is why they click. Tara wants to have a baby and she wants Tboz to help her raise the child, oh lawd. But they are actually cute together, they just laugh and giggle and grin in each other's faces. I think it's odd that Tboz befriended a rabid stan but hey, crazier things have happened. 

A Baldwin Hills mall is having a "No Scrubs" karaoke contest and Tboz attends as a guest judge. She was hesitant to show up but her "Taskmanager" or "Taskmaker" (I can't remember what the lady called herself) thought it would be good publicity for her.  One of the most famous members of a girl group is judging low budget karaoke contest in a mall now? Oh ok...There were a few really good contestants in the competition and a buttload of high-pitched singing hyenas. In the end, I don't know how much publicity Tboz really got from that competition. Oh who am I fooling, this was clearly setup just for the purpose of this reality show.

Tboz and her crew go to a fair and her daughter Chance is getting annoyed by all of the fans that are coming up and asking for pictures and autographs. Honey, be happy that your mother is still relevant. 

The next day, Tboz sits down with TLC group member Chilli and they reminisce about the good ol' days when they were on top of the world. Chilli thinks that the girls of the world need good role models (amen) and she can't wait for them to get back in the studio to record. But Tboz has her own agenda, she's writing songs and selling them to other people. Also, she has to drop a bomb on Chilli! Uh oh...

Tboz tells Chilli that she is focusing on her health and she cannot go on tour for 90 days with TLC because every time she puts her all into the group, she ends up getting sick because of the demands from performing. She also refuses to make TLC her priority because she is also focusing on her solo career. Chilli is disappointed but honestly, Chilli needs Tboz more than Tboz needs her. Chilli can't really sang, she's a background singer if anything. Tboz is focusing on herself right now and I ain't mad at her at all!.

Did you watch "Totally Tboz"? What are your thoughts on the show?


  1. I really wanted to like this show, I really did....but I hate it.