Jan 16, 2013

The Sisterhood Episode 3 Recap: Uterine, Financial & Marital Problems

Tara is strutting around her kitchen in a "Jesus" belt as she is preparing for the rest of the cast to come to her home for dinner. She and her husband Pastor Brian have a huge announcement to make: they are launching their own television ministry! Everyone is kind of shocked by the news but they wish them the best. Domonique invites Tara to her clothing boutique so she can help her pick out some television appropriate clothing items because Lord knows that woman can't dress worth a damn. Pastor Brian also takes the time to apologize to Pastor Anthony for being critical about his love for Hip Hop music. Instead of shaking hands and moving foward, Pastor Brian (dressed in a dashing purple shirt) hands Pastor Anthony a box of chocolates and asks for his forgiveness. I'm really side-eyeing this man. I'm telling y'all, something in the milk ain't clean with him.

Domonique is at her boutique with her friend Lorraine when Tara walks in and greets them with a, "Shalom!" LOL. The ladies are questioning Tara about what time she will be filming and when does the show air but Tara is completely lost and does not have any answers for them. So, is she really filming a ministry series or is she about to upload a video to YouTube and call it televangelism? Oh wait, it looks like I found my answer...

Anywaytho, I digress...Domonique and Lorraine are giving Tara outfit ideas but she is not feeling any of the pieces. Finally, Tara comes out in this short flashy dress that she just loves but Domonique tells her that it's a little too sexy. Tara takes that as an opportunity to tell the ladies about a problem one of her friends is having with her husband's desire to watch raunchy videos. According to Tara, watching raunchy videos while being married is sinful. What planet does this Tara lady live on? I bet her husband Pastor Brian be strangling his wang to naughty videos every night. In the end, Tara purchases only one dress. So what does she plan on wearing the second, third and fourth Sunday of the month? I have no idea.

Pastor Brian sets up a video camera in his home so that he and Tara can prepare for their "idea" of having a televised ministry. Wait a minute, is this show just an idea or is it already in the works like they announced? I can't keep up with these two and their delusions of grandeur. Tara wants them to sit down like an Oprah Winfrey show and preach to their viewers but Pastor Brian wants to get his Pastor Marvin Winans on behind the pulpit. Tara sees this as a conflict because Pastor Brian cannot be standing while she is sitting. They need to look like a team! Judging from that crappy YouTube video, it looks like Tara got her way.

Domonique and Ivy sit down for lunch and Domonique brings up the fact that her husband Pastor Brian #2 can't keep a job for nothing and they are having financials issues. Domonique wants to move to a new school district so her daughters can get a better education but they can't afford it.

DeLana and Pastor Myles hold a "cardboard testimonies" at their church. Everyone gets a piece of cardboard and writes down what they were before they had God in their lives. On the flip side, they write who they are today. The camera zooms in on Tara's board and it says, "I was an adulterer" crazy lady say whaatttt?????!

Christina and Ivy also peep Tara's board and they question her about it. Tara reveals that she was married once before prior to meeting her now husband Pastor Brian. In her first marriage, she cheated on her husband for years because she was trying to fill a void. But now, after sixteen years of marriage to Pastor Brian, she has never ever lusted after another man. I wonder if her husband can say he has never lusted after another man too? Ok, I was wrong as hell for that one but y'all already know how I feel about twinkle toes Pastor Brian. Anywaytho, moving on...

Ivy and Pastor Mark are at lunch discussing her uterine issues. Ivy is suffering from endometriosis and she is terrified that she might need a hysterectomy which will leave her unable to have any additional children. Poor Ivy. I hope everything turns out okay for her.

Tara and Pastor Brian are talking about their new televangelist series. Tara is messing up Pastor Brian's flow because he needs to be behind the pulpit dammit! After bickering back and forth, Pastor Brian pretty much fires Tara from the show and tells her he needs to preach alone so she is no longer a part of the equation.

Domonique needs to "do whatever it takes" to get money. Umm, I hope this doesn't mean she's going to call up her old pimp (ok damn, that was wrong for me to say. I have foot-in-mouth syndrome today please forgive me). She goes to a pawn shop and pawns her engagement ring and receives $3,000 in return. It was a difficult decision for her to make but she really wants to be able to move to a new home and pawning her ring was the quickest way for her to bring in some cash. I would have just had a 2-for-1 sale at the boutique...or maybe she could have sold some of those wigs she wears...she has at least $1,500 worth of barrettes in her daughter's heads, I would have taken them suckas out and sold them at a garage sale. Come on 'Nique, there are so many ways to get money. The ring should have been the last resort.

Ivy's on the phone with her mother and she is discussing all of the doctor's test she has taken. She needs to have exploratory surgery within the next few weeks and her mother offers to fly down to Georgia to help her with her recovery and to help out with the baby. Pastor Mark is not too excited about having his mother-in-law stay with them because she likes to sleep with her bedroom door open and Pastor Mark was hoping to get freaky and use some handcuffs on his wife in the bedroom. Um, Ivy was going to be recovering from surgery, why would Pastor Mark even think that she would be down to be handcuffed to a bed post after having surgery? Ugh, MEN!

Tara decides to go tape the ministry series alone. She calls Domonique on the way to the studio to tell her how Pastor Brian is trippin and doesn't want to film with her anymore. Domonique is like, "That's it, I'm closing down the boutique and I'm on my way to the studio girl!" Hold up 'Nique, you are hurting for money so you're going to close down your only source of income so that you can stand by cookadoodle Tara's side during her YouTube ministry series? This can't be life. But not only does Domonique drop everything to go to the taping, somehow Ivy and Christina get word of all this so their azzes show up at the studio as well. They are all huddled around Tara and telling her how Pastor Brian was wrong for not wanting to film with her. Tara says she's over it, and she is going to move on with the show and she wants the ladies to join in on the first episode! They all agree and the cameras start rolling. This should be interesting...

What did you think of this week's episode of The Sisterhood?


  1. Can someone please tell me what died and jumped up on Tara's head? That chile looks extremely 'skrong'(in my Sommore voice), in the face. There is no mistaking who is the Alpha male in that household. I think I spied a penis imprint in those hooker shorts she was sporting during the trip to Miami.
    where are your new recaps? I live for your interpretations...

    1. I haven't watched the show for the past 3 weeks so that's why there isn't any new recaps, I'm sorry y'all!