Jan 9, 2013

The Sisterhood Episode 2 Recap: Christian Bar Mitzvahs and Too Many Bible Scriptures

We have returned with another episode of The Sisterhood and our four favorite First Wives continue to bring some refreshing ratchetness and entertainment to our television screens.

Tara tells her husband, Pastor Brian, about the fight she had with Domonique and Ivy and their disapproval of her excessive need to quote scriptures. Tara says that she doesn't quote scriptures, she references them. Ummm...isn't that pretty much the same thing? Pastor Brian says the reason why the ladies confronted her is because the devil made them do it.

We are introduced to a new wife with horrible highlights named Delana who is the wife of Pastor Myles. Ivy, Domonique, and Christina stop by Delana's house for some girl time and the ladies immediately start talking about Tara and her Bible scriptures.

Delana hates gossip, so she made the ladies change the subject. Um, did Delana forget that she's on a reality show? Talking about people behind their backs is the only recipe for good t.v.!

Domonique then brings up her childhood. She was raised by an alcoholic father and a mother that didn't want her so she was forced to live in a foster home. Her foster father passed her around a group of men for a case of beer and would give her twenty dollars for her work. This made her turn to a life of prostitution at the age of 13, and she later started doing drugs to ease the pain. Just like the rest of the ladies, I am shocked by how well Domonique carries herself after having such a horrible upbringing. No child deserves to live that way!

Tara is planning a bar mitzvah for her son, Trevor. In case you forgot, Tara's husband, Pastor Brian, was born Jewish, but the family is also Christian so they want to have a Christian-bar mitzvah (if that ain't the craziest oxymoron I don't know what is).

The party will also have a presidential theme because, get this, when Trevor was six weeks old, spirits revealed to Tara that he would be the first Jewish black president. This lady Tara is a little off her rocker but I love watching crazy people make a fool out of themselves!

Pastor Brian thinks Ivy needs to apologize to Tara for attacking her and her use of the scriptures. Tara, with her lack of a hairline, gets on the phone with Ivy and invites her out to lunch so that she can express how she feels.

Tara meets with Ivy for lunch and it's the first time they've seen each other since Domonique's luncheon. Tara tells Ivy that she is upset about being told that she quotes too many scriptures (aren't they tired of this storyline by now?)

Ivy tells Tara that others can't relate to her if she talks about scriptures all of the time. In the end, nothing was really resolved so this scene was a complete waste of my time.

Christina is having a party for her daughter's 14th birthday. Immediately, the house is full of kids ready to get their party on! A Ziggy Marley look-alike hugs their daughter from the back and Pastor Anthony gets ticked off! He knows how he was at that age and he doesn't want his daughter to get involved with boys and get crabs (like he did).

Pastor Brian and Domonique talk about renewing their vows, but Domonique does not feel that she is ready for the ceremony because she needs to put some demons to bed before she is able to move forward in life. She says she loves the Lord, but she's not getting all of the support she needs from the Bible, and she wants to talk to a counselor instead.

Pastor Brian thinks that therapy is a great idea. He's so sweaty and supportive. I love that man, but something seems off about their relationship. I wonder if Domonique has a jumpoff on the side? She doesn't really seem to love her husband at all! She's just so cold and detached.

Tara and Pastor Brian stop by the party at Christina and Pastor Anthony's home. They start talking about working out, and Tara says she exercises better when she turns on Christian rap. Pastor Anthony takes offense to her comment because he likes all kinds of music and just because he enjoys secular music, that does not make him any less of a Christian than she is.

Pastor Brian starts to cut Pastor Anthony off in mid-sentence and Anthony is like, "Can I get my point across?" Something about Pastor Brian really rubs me the wrong way. He always has something to say and tries too hard to show that he is "down." He also gives me con-artist vibes. I'm about to get my internet sleuth on and see what information I can pull up. Stay tuned!

What did you think of this week's episode of the Sisterhood?


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