Jan 20, 2013

Teresa Giudice Will Give Marriage Advice at a Bridal Expo

A Long Island bridal expo has hired Real Housewives of New Jersey's Queen Teresa Giudice to talk about the virtues of a healthy marriage and how to be a happy wife.

According to Cafemom, Teresa knows that her marriage is not perfect so instead of talking about the problems that exist in her marriage to Juicy "Community Peen" Joe, she is going to focus on the good things in her relationship and her children.

Y'all know I love me some Teresa but when I heard the news of her all of a sudden being an expert on how to have a happy marriage, I gouged my eye out with a Kathy Wakile cannoli. Who told Tre this would be a good idea? Did she think that everyone forgot about the infamous "I'm talking to a coworker" phone call that Juicy made on air where he called her the "c" word? What about all the times Juicy called her "stupid" or all the times he simply looked uninterested in his wife and daughters? Does Tre think we're all dumb? I'm sorry but anyone who takes marriage advice from her is clearly as delusional as she is.

Stick to selling cookbooks, Tre because this bridal expo business ain't for you honey. 

What do you think about Teresa giving marriage advice at a bridal expo?


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