Jan 6, 2013

Tami Roman in New NV Clinical Weight Loss Commerical

Basketball Wives Miami's Tami Roman is featured in a new NV Clinical weight loss commercial. Tami has lost 25lbs with the product and she is looking better than ever! It looks like Tami has also gotten a new wardrobe to go along with her new body because she has definitely stepped her fashion game up. 

After suffering a mild heart attack in March of 2012, Tami made it a priority to eliminate stress from her life and she incorporated diet and exercise. 

Before and after picture. Thank you liposuction NV Clinical!

Here's the commercial:

What do you think of Tami's dramatic weight loss?

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  1. Tami looks fabulous!

  2. Tami looks great! I'm using the NV product and the product is AMAZING. It boost your energy, burn fat also super charge your metabolism, so you can lose weight. Excellent for people who have a slow metabolism. Get Ya Life! Charlene, Harlem NY

  3. Thanks for the comment Charlene I bed to gear from a real person...

  4. She got lipo! Nv may work for some people but she got lipo on tv, do people not remember?