Jan 6, 2013

Stevie J and Mimi Faust Serve Up Some Twitter Foolishness for the New Year

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season 1 has been over since August of last year, but the cast continues to serve up some tomfoolery all up, down, and around the Twitterverse!

Stevie J had plans to host a Sunday dinner at his home for his entire family while his father acted as the chef. Stevie chilled at home the night before the dinner with Eva, the daughter he shares with Mimi Faust. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits until Stevie sent out a tweet and a picture that sent Mimi Faust into an illiterate rage!

To an outsider, it seems like a harmless picture of a father enjoying his time with his family and his daughter, right? 

Stevie followed up with a tweet saying that he has custody of his "youngest daughter". Now, if he is speaking about the daughter he has with Mimi, or one of his other illegitimate chirren, I am unsure. But nonetheless, Mimi replied with, "The only kids you have custody of is (sic) the ones in your body."

Oh, Mimi. Your eloquence and classiness can never be denied!

Mimi continued to unleash the dragon by tweeting, "You're too incompetent to take care of yourself much less our daughter!" Is she really calling someone incompetent when she clearly does not know the difference between "too" and "to"? Anywaytho, I digress...Stevie replied to her tweet with, "Who is (Eva) with always? Me". Mimi fired back with, "She should be with you, tv is the only reason your (sic) playing the 'father' role!" Damn, that one stung and broke my little heart. I hope it isn't true, Eva deserves better than these two fawktards as parents.

Mimi was initially invited to attend the dinner but she politely declined. Stevie chalked Mimi's bitterness up to her needing some attention. The meal went on as planned on Sunday night without any additional comments from Mimi's beak. That food looks good as hayle! Papa Jordan threw down!

What do you think about Mimi starting off the new year with a little bit of Twitter fukkery?


  1. I don't understand why Mimi knowingly had a child with a man who repeatedly cheated on her, disrespected her, and already had four other children. Was she expecting life as Stevie J.'s baby mama to be a fairytale? She needs to quit acting up on Twitter about this mess. She made her bed, now is the time to lay in it.