Jan 20, 2013

Sheree Whitfield Owes the IRS $40,000 in Unpaid Taxes

Poor Sheree Whitfield is having the worst decade ever. This lady just can't seem to get her head above water no matter what she does. After recently getting fired from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree has started a failing jewelry line (which is being sold on Kitsy Lane and prices have already been marked down), her acting career is in the toilet, Chateau Sheree (the home she is building in her mama's name) is still a work in progress, her Aston Martin was repo'd to settle unpaid attorney fees, she was just recently ordered by a judge to pay an additional $119,000 to her divorce lawyers, and now, the IRS has filed a tax lien on her bank account! Who gon' debit my account, boo?

TMZ reports that Sheree owes the IRS $41,752.83 for the years of 2009 and 2010. Sheree can't handle her own money for nothing! She is the epitome of "keeping up with the Jones'", you think she would get it right at some point! She better get on the phone with Nene Leakes and Andy Cohen and beg for her job back! I would love to see her and Kenya Moore go head to head!

What do you think about Sheree owing the IRS money?


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