Jan 27, 2013

Nene Leakes is Planning a Fairy Tale Wedding to Ex-Husband/Fiance Greg

After recently getting re-engaged (is that even a word?) to her ex-husband Greg, Real Housewives of Atlanta's Nene Leakes is excited and looking forward to her upcoming nuptials. During an exclusive interview with E! , Nene says that she and Greg are interviewing wedding planners that can create a winter wonderland themed wedding.

"I'm looking for somebody who can create a fairy tale," she said. "I'm looking for just a really over-the-top fairy tale dream wedding. My first marriage was very traditional, in the church, and then we left the church and went to the reception hall. So this time, I'd like to go fairy tale all the way."

Greg and Nene plan to get remarried in Atlanta and since Nene is very rich, I'm sure she the wedding will be lavish and luxurious. I can't wait for the pictures!

What do you think of Nene's plans to create a fairy tale wedding?


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