Jan 29, 2013

Kimbella Gets Into Twitter War With Juelz Santana's Alleged Sidepiece!

Twitter popped off the other day and I missed all of the fukkery! But anywaytho, Kimbella Vanderhee got tossed like a heap of trash from Love & Hip Hop New York but she and her baby daddy Juelz Santana are still entertaining as hell! Kimbella recently got into a twitter spat with one of Juelz' alleged side pieces and poor Kimbella got that ass dragged!

It all started with a report that Kimbella and Juelz were evicted from their New Jersey condo because they have been unable to pay the $3,000 a month rent.  The couple and their three children are allegedly living with Julez' mother until they get back on their feet. Oh, and in case you doubted the eviction rumor, someone posted the eviction notice on Twitter! It's a cold world...

Okay, so back to this jumpoff situation, this chick by the name of Lyssa Honey began to absolutely ether Kimbella out of nowhere!

Damn, how rude! Kimbella just lost her house and this heaux is rubbing it in her face? SMH. What the hell did Kim do to you? Anyway, Kimbella stopped breast feeding for a minute so that she could hop on Twitter and reply to the madness:

Soooo, it looks like Kim might be familiar with the girl since she said it took her four years to get a picture with Juelz. Imma need some more information, how does Kim know this heaux? Is she really stuffing Juelz' sausage stick? I need answers!

You thought the jumpoff would let the beef end there? Nope! She came back swinging!

So either this chick is a delusional stan or she really is boinking Juelz on the side. Either way, she and Kimbella really favor each other so Juelz clearly has a type!

What do you think about Juelz' alleged jumpoff beefing with Kimbella on Twitter?


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