Jan 19, 2013

Chad Johnson Still Wants to Make Evelyn His Boo Thang

As if the tattoo that he got of Evelyn Lozada's face wasn't enough, Chad Johnson is going above and beyond to get his Basketball Wives Miami ex-wife back into his life as his number one boo thang. 

Evelyn spoke to VIBE Magazine and confirmed that she and Chad are pulling a Rihanna and Chris Brown working on reconciling. "It's tough." The feisty bottle throwing jersey chaser stated. "(Chad) is fighting for his marriage and he wants it to work and doing whatever he can." I think that the best way that Chad could have made their marriage work would have been to keep his forehead to himself and his wang in his pants. But hey, who am I to judge?

Everybody knows *Phaedra voice* that Evelyn will take Chad back in a heartbeat, she's just afraid of what her "fans" will think about her. These two deserve each other and both of their careers are pretty much in the trash so they might as well get back together and provide me with some more fukkery to report on!

What do you think about a possible Chad and Evelyn reconciliation?


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