Jan 7, 2013

Bethenny Frankel's Divorce Gets Ugly!

Bethenny Frankel filed for divorce from her husband Jason Hoppy on January 5th (read more here).  If you thought that this divorce would be a friendly parting, think again!

According to TMZ Bethenny, who sold her Skinnygirl cocktails to Beam Global for millions of dollars, is seeking child support from her soon to be ex-husband! If you watched Bethenny's Bravo series entitled "Bethenny Ever After" you might remember that Jason quit his job in the sales industry so that he could help Bethenny build her Skinnygirl brand. I would assume that Bethenny was the breadwinner in their marriage so the fact that she is asking for child support, when she is a multi-millionaire, is sickening.

Oh, but it gets worse. Not only does Bethenny want child support from Jason, she also wants him to pay for all medical, dental and vision expenses for her and her daughter, she wants to be the beneficiary on any life insurance policies that he might have, she wants him to move out of their marital home, and she wants sole custody of their daughter Bryn. *Big heavy sigh* 

Jason probably severely regrets getting married to this psychotic neurotic woman. His whole world is being torn apart due to this narcissistic food deprived heffa. I agree that some form of child support should be paid but since Jason works for Bethenny's company, is she going to be kind enough to let him keep his job? And would he really want to work for her after all that she has put him through? I doubt it! Jason's responsibility is to take care of his daughter only so I don't understand why Bethenny thinks he is required to pay her insurance bills as well. That is just so absurd to me. I can't even wrap my brain around any of this.

Bethenny is out for blood and her best bet would be to try to end this marriage amicably and agree to joint custody of Bryn. Bethenny grew up without her father in her life so why would she want to do the same to her daughter? As much as she wanted to give Bryn a different life than she had, dysfunction and an unstable home life is in Bethenny's DNA. Poor baby Bryn.


  1. I knew Bethenny was a nutcase when I use to watch her Realty Show! It was really funny watching her dumb attics on the show! But now that she has a child with Jason, her nuttiness has gone to a whole nother level! She needs deep counseling and I hope her daughter doesn't get permanently scarred for the rest of her life! The cycle continues! Poor Bryn.