Jan 18, 2013

Bethenny Frankel Moves in With Her Billionaire "Friend"

What in the Skinnygirl hayle is going on with Bethenny Frankel lately? The mother of one filed for divorce from Jason Hoppy just two weeks ago and now Reality Tea is reporting that Bethenny and her daughter Bryn have moved in with another man!

Bethenny asked for Jason to be removed from their marital home after she filed for divorce but until the divorce is finalized, I guess she can't stand to be in his presence! Instead of booking a hotel room somewhere in Manhattan, Bethenny is shacking up with billionaire banker Warren Lichtenstein. Allegedly, Bethenny also vacationed with Warren back in October of 2012 and Jason got his panties in a bunch over it but Bethenny insisted that they were just friends! Once Bethenny announced that she and Jason were separated, she jetted off to Aspen with Warren too! Bethenny says that they have known each other for ten years and nothing fishy is going on. Umm...yeah, we believe you Beth!

A darling photo of Warren. It must be the money cuz it ain't his face!

Those of you who watched the Real Housewives of New York are familiar with Bethenny and her relationship issues. She pretty much jumps from peen to peen and from engagement to marriage fairly quickly so I'm not surprised that she has another man waiting in the wings. 

Poor Bryn is now living with some strange man and her wackadoodle mother. Jason better lawyer up real quick and save his daughter from this madness!

What do you think about Bethenny shacking up with a new man?


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