Jan 9, 2013

Did Bambi Hire Someone to Attack Brooke Bailey?

This is what happens when reality t.v. goes terribly wrong!

Basketball Wives L.A.'s Brooke Bailey has just posted a text messages she received from one of Bambi's ex-friends. In the text message, the girl who goes by the name of Starr, tells Brooke that during New Years Eve, Bambi paid someone to attack Brooke! Seriously y'all, wtf?? Is their beef that serious that Bambi would spend her measly VH1 checks on plotting to seriously injure someone? This can't be real life.

Here is the text message:

I don't put anything past Bambi and just like Starr mentioned, some of these reality stars are so thirsty for fame they don't care what they have to do or who they have to screw over to get to the top.  Brooke, who is never afraid to back down, typed out her own personal reply to let Bambi and her crew know that they can bring it because she stays strapped!

Bambi took to Twitter to defend herself:

She's talking about other people wanting attention? Pot meet kettle!

What do you think about Bambi allegedly putting at hit out on Brooke Bailey?


  1. All of these irrelevant people need to disappear.