The Houstons Will be Back for a Second Season

In case you were worried about Lifetime's series "The Houstons: On Our Own" not coming back for a second season, you don't have to worry for much longer!

Rayah Houston (third from the left in the top photo), who is the daughter of Pat Houston, has confirmed via her Twitter that there will be a season two of the series. I have no idea which direction they will take for the second season. Like come on, how many times do we have to hear Auntie Pat say, "Krissi isn't grieving correctly"? And I wonder if they will remove Nick Gordon from the cast since he and Krissi are no longer engaged? Let's cut his reality t.v. checks and see how much he really cares about Krissi and her health.

I stopped blogging about this show towards the end of the season but I still watched the episodes online.  If a season two comes on, I will probably tune in just because the show is so wrong but so right at the same time.  

Will you be tuning in to the second season of The Houstons?

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