Dec 24, 2012

Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode Recap: No Engagement for the Crazy Lady!

The cast is still recovering from the 'Gone with the Wind' fabulousness that Kenya Moore brought the night before.  Kandi Burruss missed out on the Kenya vs. Porsha Stewart fight because she was too busy busting it open in the hot tub with her boyfriend Todd, so Nene Leakes and her blonde helmet go to Kandi's room to give her the play-by-play.  The ladies end up having a mini heart-to-heart and squash their prior beef (whatever it was). They kiss and makeup and tell each other they are proud of one another. Yawn.

Todd stays behind to work (what's his job again?) as the group gets ready to go horseback riding.  Kenya pulls the ladies aside and apologizes for losing her cool the night before.  But every time Kenya starts speaking, Porsha butts in with that annoying screeching high pitched voice.

The ladies are not accepting Kenya's apology because she doesn't seem sincere. Before they could talk any further, Peter Thomas walks in and tells them to get their fake booties up and get on the bus so they can go ride some horses! 

The group has a beautiful lunch on the beach with the waves crashing at their feet.  Kenya busts out with an autographed book by Vanessa Williams called, "You Have No Idea" for Cynthia Bailey so she can brush up on her pageant knowledge.  Cynthia is offended but she keeps it classy by thanking messy Kenya for the book.  The book was so uncalled for and unnecessary but would you expect anything less from Kenya?

Everyone attempts to go horseback riding and Nene is of course being extra and over the top. She says she has ridden horses in her lifetime, but they didn't have four legs. Am I the only one who gags when Nene starts talking about sex? She just grosses me out for some reason.

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Kenya and Cynthia get into it on the beach over Kenya's antics when she visited the Bailey Agency.  Kenya does not think she was in the wrong (of course, crazy people never realize they are crazy).  All of a sudden, Kenya collapses on the beach and starts hollering and screaming and rolling around in the Everyone is looking at her like she's a plum fool.  She then stands up and gives Cynthia a big hug and all is well! Seriously though, I was so confused by that whole scene.  I'm not a doctor, but Kenya is either bipolar or wasted throughout the entire trip.

It's dinner time and Kenya starts pestering her faux-boyfriend Walter Jackson about getting a proposal. Peter gives a speech directed towards all of the couples and when he gets to Walter and Kenya, Peter tells Walter he has three days to pop the question and put a ring on it! Walter is beyond confused and tells everyone that he and Kenya have discussed eloping but that was about it! Kenya replies with, "Are you drunk?!" LOL this lady cracks me up.

Everyone starts telling their engagement stories and Kenya is just sitting there with the saddest look on her face.  She excuses herself and Walter runs behind her to see what's wrong.  Kenya tells Walter she doesn't know why he's acting like he doesn't want to propose to her in Anguilla. Walter starts to get loud with that crazy heffa and Kenya runs off crying.  

Phaedra Parks rushes to be by Kenya's side because she doesn't think it's safe for her to be in the middle of the forest by herself...without a stun gun lol. Phaedra is a country bumpkin mess! I live for her oneliners! Kenya tells Phaedra that Walter is "acting crazy"...pot meet kettle!

Kenya's desperation throughout this entire episode was pathetic! I weep for her brain which has to constantly keep up with her lies and happenings in her imaginary world. I bet Walter is kicking himself in the butt for agreeing to take part in this fauxlationship!

Next week's episode shows Phaedra and Apollo Nida's marriage problems.  Are they acting or are they serious? I can never tell with these two!

What did you think of Kenya begging (again) for a proposal from her fake boyfriend? 


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