Dec 17, 2012

Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode Recap: Kenya is Gone with the Wind Fabulous

Thank me later for posting the above picture of Nene Leake's sexy sasquatch back :)

The Real Housewives of Atlanta resumed their Anguilla trip and things got even more crazier.  At this point, everybody in America knows *Phaedra voice* that Kenya Moore and Walter Jackson's relationship is full of lies, fairy tales and fallacies (read here), but we all must sit through and entertain Kenya and her coockiness as she still tries to convince her cast mates (and herself) that she and Walter are the real deal.

The group is sitting around the table enjoying a meal and watching Nene's blonde cowlick blow in the wind.  The couples start talking about how much they are busting it open wide and getting it in during the trip, well everyone except for  Kenya and Walter who are sitting as quiet as can be.  The awkwardness was all the way turnt up so Walter asks Kenya to take a walk with him.  Kenya gets all giddy in hopes that Walter will be getting down on one knee to propose to her.

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Walter sits Kenya down and tells her that Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas will be renewing their vows so she can go on and turn the thirst down a little because an engagement for her will not be happening.  Kenya is disappointed but is she really surprised? I like how she thought she could strong-arm a proposal out of someone she wasn't even in a relationship with. Where they do that at?

The next day, the ladies get massages and Nene decides to call Kenya out on her fauxlationship with Walter.  Kenya is getting crunk and raising her voice trying to tell the ladies that they don't know anything about her and her man and that they are together and happy. Nene is not falling for it though! 

The ladies get dressed in white and end up on a beach where Peter is standing in a white suit "looking like a black angel" as Phaedra said. Cynthia is completely surprised but happy at the same time to renew their vows in Anguilla.  Kenya is mumbling something about how she can't wait for her time to come when she can walk down the aisle and I was sitting at home mumbling something about how I hope we aren't tortured with a Cynthia and Peter vow renewal every season. 

Back at the compound, the girls decide to have a ladies night and the poop hits the fan real quick! Porsha starts speaking about her issues with Kenya and Kenya fires back about how she felt disrespected when Porsha called her Miss America (or was it Miss USA? I can't even remember nor do I care at this point).  Before you know it, the old lady and the immature cheerleader are up in each other's faces yelling and screaming about "being ghetto", "being from Detroit", "riding other's coattails" and a bunch of other tomfoolery that didn't make any kind of sense to me.

Nene pulls Kenya away and tries to calm her down. Isn't it funny how instead of being involved in the fight, Nene is now acting as a peacemaker? I guess Nene's too rich to being arguing with these birds. Kenya tries to explain that even though she's in her 40s, she still looks like she stepped right off the stage. She then does a twirl and gives life to all Real Housewives fans by saying:

I officially love this mental patient. Thank you Andy Cohen for bringing this delusional pizza-face pelican into my life.

What was the best part about last night's episode? The absence of the Notorious W.I.G. Kim Zolciak!  But all in all, the episode was dryer than a piece of toast. I'm hoping that things pick up as the season progresses . Until next week's episode, stay fabulous y'all!

What did you think about the Porsha vs. Kenya fight in Anguilla?


  1. I think Krispy Kreme Kenya's chickens were coming home to roost, so to speak. With all of the other couples relationships going full blast and the ensuing remarriage of Peter and Cynthia on the island, Krispy became unglued as the faux of her fauxlationship surfaced and faced scrutiny. I'm sure she initially felt that she could sustain the lies and manipulate Walter well into the season; possibly until the reunion and gain a hefty fanbase and support, affording herself a berth in next seasons cast. But, as they say: "what's done in the darkness will come to the light". And it did just that. As her deceit became apparent and her status questioned, she became unglued and went into attack mode on someone that she perceives as weak but is also immensely envious of. At this point she can't attack Walter though she's furious about his failure to follow suit on the proposal that she so desperately desires as she needs him to solidify her spot on the show. He is the crux of her problem and she feels that she is losing control over him and of her master plan to retain her 'housewife' status. From what I've been hearing, it seems that she also has massive money issues and could really use the Bravo check. Her world is in a wonder she's nutting off in record succession. Ain't nobody got time for that-*in my Sweet Brown voice*. Take your crater face lunacy and your crown back to Cali.

    1. LOL you went all the way in on Kenya. I agree though, she played herself with that fauxlationship. I feel major second hand embarrassment for her!