Dec 19, 2012

Gloria Govan Still Thinks Bambi Is A Rookie

I cried when Gloria Govan retweeted the above picture of Bambi next to Sheneneh. Why lawd?

This season of Basketball Wives L.A. has finally ended but the ladies are still talking about each other and bringing the messiness! VH1 has a new interview with Gloria where she discusses married life, her relationship with crazy Jackie Christie, and her thoughts on Draya Michele and Brooke Bailey. But Gloria really pulled down the shade when the interviewer asked her where things went wrong with herself and Malaysia's friend Bambi.

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Gloria says, "The funny thing is Bambi is not a cast memeber.  She is Malaysia's friend. So it's like you're a plus-one having an opinion, you're just a guest, it was frustrating because for someone who came on the show as a fan and to support her friend to have an opinion was frustrating.  Especially about stuff that she really didn't have a clue about that went on with Laura and Jackie last year.  That relationship is so complex, for an outsider to have an opinion about it was just funny to me.  It's fine if she has an opnion, but to try and amend something you don't know anything about, it was just too much. So I called her a rookie and her trying to find a place on the show, she escalated it. My beef with Bambi, I broke it down in the last episode, I was like, I don't care where you're from, Compton or wherever, that has nothing to do with the price of rice, and I think her pride was a little offended.  But she says it in the first episode, she's someone who talks behind people's backs and smiles in your face, so I can't really take her seriously.  The beef between us was and is completely ridiculous."

One thing about Gloria, she does not hold back or back down from no one! I kind of like her...but then I think about how she acts like her poop don't stank and then I can't stand her again!

To read the full interview, click here.


  1. I guess old girl has come up from her own hoodrat status of screwing ballers, (including her sister's man) minor rappers and those pesky felony 'cash for grades' charges of 2007. Did she actually graduate from a college? I doubt that she matriculated from Diablo Valley College, where the charges originated...

    1. LOL I don't think she ever graduated and she was a fool for trying to sell grades lol.