Dec 17, 2012

Evelyn Lozada Drops Restraining Order Against Chad Johnson

After getting the sense knocked out of her during a domestic violence situation with her then-husband Chad Ochocinco Johnson, Basketball Wives Miami's Evelyn Lozada pulled the plug on their six week marriage (read more here) and was issued a restraining order against Chad.  Well, no more than three months later, Evelyn and Chad showed up in court to have the order of protection lifted.

According to TMZ, Evelyn and Chad showed up to a Florida courtroom and the judge asked Evelyn a few questions and then quickly removed the restraining order so that the twosome can get back together move on with their lives. 

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Apparently, Evelyn a source says Evelyn is open to talking to Chad again which is pretty evident considering the two are always subtweeting each other through Twitter (read more here).  Although Evelyn is the last slice of pizza, she doesn't need to settle for Chad's disrespect and infidelity.  I hope she doesn't think he is going to change his ways anytime soon. If anything, Evelyn will just need to accept him for who he is, shut her mouth, and stop digging around for receipts

What do you think about Evelyn removing the restraining order from Chad? Do you think these two will be getting back together soon?


  1. Let me preface this by stating: I DO NOT condone domestic violence in any way shape or form. Now, am I the ONLY person who believes that it was Evilene who jumped first? I mean this has been her modus operandi throughout her tenure on reality tv. She 'prolly bucked at poor Chad and he failed to rare backwards, causing their fiveheads to collide. Simple as that. That heiffer is always popping off at someone--she just met her match. She should have been brought up on charges based on her past behavior, alone. Its a travesty that Chad lost his livelihood due to this foolishness involving this abusive and aggressive b**** whose legacy is battling those that she perceives as weaker; she obviously misjudged this victim. As sure as water flowing downhill follows the path of least resistance, these two famewhores will reunite for the next chapter. Perhaps they'll pimp that effort as their next reality show. What else do they have going on in their lives?

    1. I do think that Evelyn was the aggressor and I thought it was odd that we never saw a picture of her fivehead injury. She went on tv to give her candid interview and there was no scar or anything on her head. SUSPICIOUS!

      I know these two will get back together so they can ca$h in on their reality t.v. "fame"