Dec 16, 2012

Erica Dixon & Lil' Scrappy Show Love in the Club

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Erica Dixon and Lil' Scrappy are still together and happier than ever according to Erica's Twitter page.  The couple hit the town together and cuddled up to take some flicks to let Shay Buckeey Johnson everyone know that they are still engaged, eating good and in love!

Rumors about Scrappy dipping his wang into Basketball Wives L.A.'s Bambi (read here and here) have been floating around since last year and most recently, Momma Dee made it seem like Erica and Scrappy would never get married (read more here).  I'm glad to see that these two are still trying to make their relationship work but I'm going to need to see pictures of Erica walking down the aisle before I'm willing to believe that Scrappy really wants to marry this chick.

Season two of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is filming right now (read more here) and the show is scheduled to premier some time next year.  Will Erica and Scrappy's wedding be the season two finale? One can only hope!


  1. Can't she do any better? He is a legend in his and his momma's minds...and why is he looking at me? The verdict is still out on this as my ratchet quotient may be filled at this juncture.