Dec 11, 2012

Basketball Wives Reunion Part One - From Blonde Weaves to King Magazine Beef

Photo Courtesy of VH1

The cast of Basketball Wives L.A. sat down with host John Salley during part one of the reunion special to discuss the highs and the lows of the season.  The ladies discussed everything from Laura being two-faced, to Gloria Govan eloping, to shimmer, blonde weaves, and getting gifts from random men!

First of all, can we please get a new host? I really feel like John Salley is biased and he never asks the questions that the viewers really want to know the answer to! And why was Bambi and his gums even sitting on the stage if he is a "friend" of Malaysia Pargo's? Homeboy ain't even sexting a NBA player and he's getting all of this camera time? Boy, bye!  I was highly annoyed with Bambi's pretentious attitude.  Like come on birdie, why must you flip that dry weave over your linebacker shoulder every five minutes? And no one is impressed by you getting "gifts" from other women's boyfriends.  Gloria may have came in and out of a few music studios but guess what, she got wifed up by a man that loves her and their children. I like to call that #winning.

Jackie Christie and Laura Govan got into it and just like everyone else, I'm confused as to whether or not the two of them are even friends at this point.  I have seen Jackie tweet about "loving" Laura but during the reunion, it looks like Jackie was really hurt by Laura's attempts at getting payback.  

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Malaysia sat up there looking developmentally challenged (as usual) and trying to keep the peace (as usual) I've had enough of her faux-concern for everyone's situation.

Brooke Bailey and Draya Michele got into it again about that damn King Magazine cover. I'm searching...searching...looking high and low for a fawk to give. I really don't care about who is busting it open wide on this ratchet hood magazine cover.  I wish they would let this topic go already!

Gloria talks about her wedding to NBA player Matt Barnes and when John Salley asks her why her cast members were not invited to the Las Vegas wedding ceremony, Gloria stands by her decision on not inviting the cast (and crew) to her nuptials because it was a private moment for her close friends and family only.  I'm not mad at Gloria's decision at all and the rest of the ladies should be happy that they don't have to waste money on buying a wedding gift. 

Part two of the reunion airs next week and the girls are playing some lame "who should leave the cast" game with flipcards.  This is definitely a new low for reality t.v. Can we please scrap this show and start over with a whole new cast? Seriously, pink slips for all of these pigeons! No holds barred!

What did you think of part one of the reunion?


  1. Malaysia LaQuisha is so irrelevant. I don;t know why she is there. She can take Bambi with her oh, I'm lmbo at you calling Bambi a he hahahaah!

    1. If the rumors are true, Malaysia and Bambi will not be returning for the next season. Cross your fingers!