Dec 4, 2012

Basketball Wives L.A. Episode Recap: Grandmas and Groupies Gone Wild

The ladies are still running their mouths and talking about the same ol' mess: Jackie Christie and Laura Govan beefing, Bambi Gumdrop popping off about business that has nothing to do with her, Draya Michele being physically unable to congratulate Brooke Bailey on her King Magazine cover, you know, the usual!

The ladies were celebrating Laura Govan's birthday by getting their makeup professionally done and then they were all going to go out on the town and party. Too bad Bambi starts bumping them gums and tells Gloria how she really wanted to slap the crap out of her at Draya's All White party.  Gloria sits in her makeup chair with her bags under her eyes just so cool, calm and collected while Bambi and her half eyebrows is hollering about fades and Compton or something.  Laura decides that the birdies have ruined her birthday and she no longer wants to go out and celebrate. So they all have their makeup on and nowhere to go because Laura bounces on them. These ladies are a trip.

Geriatric Jackie is in the studio recording a song. W...T...F..... "Black Gucci shades, six inch heels..." Girl, bye! I had second hand embarrassment for her after watching that. And the fact that Bambi was cosigning that mess smdh...

Brooke is starting her own lingerie line (who knew?) and she invites Bambi, Laura and Jackie over to her home to try on some of her pieces. I couldn't get a good look at the product but from what was shown, I think I'll just stick to my Target bras and panties.

The highlight of the episode was when the ladies flew out to New Orleans to help Habitat for Humanity build homes for Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita victims.  Before I could basque in the ambiance of the women actually doing something for a good cause, Jackie Christie runs over to Draya to tell her that Brooke was talking about her while they were in the middle of painting the home.  Draya is not there for Brooke and her constant need for approval and acceptance. Brooke is learning really quick that all is fair in heaux and war!  These Hollywood girls are not trying to be friends, they out there stabbing backs and looking for a come up!

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During dinner in New Orleans, Gloria Govan tells the cast that she and her baby daddy/fiance Matt "Benzino's Less Retarded Brother" Barnes got married in Vegas over the weekend. Jackie doesn't understand why she wasn't invited to the ceremony because when you get married you have to have a grip of people there to witness it, right? And you must get re-married every year after year after year, right? Anyway, I Jackie's little feelings are hurt and Bambi gets up and walks straight out of the room. She doesn't want to hear anything pertaining to Gloria after the altercation they had back in L.A. on Laura's birthday.

After all of the drama, Draya wants a night out with her real "friends" a.k.a. Malaysia "Library Voice" Pargo, Jackie, and Bambi. The girls get wasted on Bourbon street and Jackie shows her grandma boobs to strangers.  Draya props her new fake butt on a railing and moons the crowd. No one cheers, claps, or throws beads because well, anyone can google "Draya" and see her booty and nibbly bits so that's nothing new.  The four ladies sit down and start talking mess about Gloria and how she thinks she's better than everyone. Bambi tells the ladies that when she goes into the recording studio, she passes by Gloria on the way out! Bambi says that Gloria has been ran through by so many of Bambi's "homeboys" and rappers. Oh lawd. Messy, messy, messy!

Next week will show Brooke about to throw down again. I don't understand how someone who appears to be so classy can turn the ratchetness on to a million at the drop of a dime.

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