Nov 28, 2012

The Houstons - Nick Gordon & Bobbi Kristina's Engagement is Over!

Photo Courtesy of Nick's Twitter

Whoaaaa, how did I miss this morsel of information? I need to step my Twitter game up because I've been missing out on some of that good tea!

On November 18th, Bobbi Kristina Brown's brother/fiance Nick Gordon took to his Twitter to drop a bomb on the internet.  According to Nick, the co-dependent couple of nuts are not engaged...and they aren't even dating anymore!

This might explain why Bobbi Kris was riding solo during her car accident today (story is here). But what I need to know is, when Nick says, "close like we have always been" does that include bumping uglies? Or are they acting like they are legit brother and sister now?

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Well, it looks like the breakup was also filmed by their reality show cameras because a producer of the series replied to Nick's tweet with:

Nick has been by Bobbi Kris' side for many years but he has been her rock since her mother, Whitney Houston, passed away on February 11th, 2012.  Nick and Bobbi are featured on Lifetime's "The Houstons: On Our Own" reality show and many people have labeled Nick as an enabler, a leech, and maybe a little fruity in the booty.  

Apparently Bobbi Kris didn't get the memo about the broken engagement because shortly after Nick's tweet, she sent out this message:

Why am I having Whitney and Bobby Brown flashbacks? I hope Bobbi Kris doesn't involve herself in years of making up and breaking up with Nick. She really needs to focus on herself without that boy tagging along and dragging her down all the time.

What do you think about Nick claiming he and Bobbi Kristina are no longer engaged? Do you think Bobbi Kris is better off without him?


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