Nov 15, 2012

The Houstons: Episodes 6 & 7 Recaps, Spiritual Retreats and Tragic Weaves

Photo Courtesy of Bobbi Kristina's Twitter

Auntie Pat "Needs Bangs" Houston is holding a gathering at her home so that everyone can watch the premier of Bobbi Kristina's acting debut on Tyler Perry's "For Better or For Worse" television show.  Pat calls Krissi the day of the gathering to invite her over on some last minute "you better show up, Krissi" b.s.  At first, Krissi is telling Pat that she is tired (a.k.a. she didn't want to go) but when Pat tells Krissi that her godmother CeCe Wianans is flying in to be there at the gathering, Krissi feels obligated to show up.  I'm sure there's a reason why Pat didn't tell Krissi about the soiree ahead of time but dang, can the girl get at least 24 hours notice?

Krissi and her tagalong boyfriend/brother Nick Gordon show up and as usual, Krissi is slurring her words and bobbing her head like a newborn baby.  CeCe is questioning Krissi and Nick's relationship and of course Krissi gets pissed off and walks outside of the house to get away from everyone.  Her cousin (on her daddy's side) Meeta Brown confronts Krissi about her odd behavior.  Krissi answers with, "why does everyone think I'm on something?" Um, because you are boo! It's quite obvious at this point but sad nonetheless.

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Pat plans a family camping treat to the Georgia mountains and she invites the family's spiritual advisor, Toni Luck, to fly in from South Africa to join them on their camping retreat. Pat is hoping that Toni will be able to get to the bottom of Krissi's problems but things take a turn for the worse when Krissi starts to detox get ill on the trip.  She is having cold sweats and barfing up a storm! Nick tries to tell everyone that this happens to Krissi often and he has the remedy, a special drink that he pours into a wine glass of all things.

Krissi drinks the drink and immediately barfs all over the cabin floor.  Toni begins to question Krissi about what she had ingested that is making her so sick.  Krissi admits that it's probably the alcohol that she drank the night before and she thinks she might be allergic to liquor. Toni tells her "then why do you drink it?" You really gonna ask an alcoholic why they drink? That's like asking a meth head why do they smoke. Come on now.

The episode ends with Krissi being carried into an awaiting vehicle to be whisked away to the hospital. Poor thang probably needed her stomach pumped. 

I think that Pat means well but can she get off Krissi's back for a minute? She seems to think that Krissi needs to be around family 24/7 in order to grieve correctly when that is clearly not the case.  Everyone grieves differently and if Krissi wants to be holed up in a room with her brother Nick while she gets over her mother's death then she should be able to do that.  She is a 19 year old woman, she is not a baby anymore.

One more thing, if there's going to be a second season of this show I'm going to need for all of these ladies to get professional hair stylist to do their hair.  There's no reason why these ratty weaves and big exposed foreheads need to be dominating my television screen every week.  Jesus be a side swoop bang on these girls and some Let's Jam gel for them edges my gawd!

In case you missed episodes 6 and 7 you can watch them here. Thank me later, boos!

What do you think about Pat's failed attempt to get Krissi some help? Do you think that Nick is Krissi's number one problem?


  1. This blog cracks me up and I totally agree with everything you said! LOL